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SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED PROTECTION - helps to protect small joints, bones, muscles and tendons of your hands from the impact of hard punches. Vec-Tech design featuring Gel integrated foam provides optimum shock absorption and comfort.
MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MAYA HIDE LEATHER – which delivers greater durability and performance.
DESIGNED TO CONFORM TO THE NATURAL SHAPE OF YOUR FIST – therefore it promotes proper punching technique and prevents injuries.
VENTILATED MESH DESIGN – provides ideal breathability on the palm area, keeps your hands dry and reduces odor.
RAPID-EZ VELCRO CLOSURE - provides secure fit and wrist support, enables to get the gloves on and off in seconds.
Boxing gloves by Vector Sport are suitable for boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, heavy bag training, sparring, mitt work or fitness class and are ideal from beginners to advanced users. These hand crafted boxing gloves have gel integrated padding by Vec-Tech design, featuring multi-density gel integrated foam to provide you optimum shock absorption and comfort. Scientifically engineered design helps to protect small joints, bones, muscles and tendons in your hands from potential injuries caused by impact of hard punches.

These hand crafted gloves are made of performance engineered high quality Maya Hide Leather which delivers greater durability and performance. Our ergonomic Arch Design conforms to the natural shape of your fist. It promotes proper punching technique and prevents injuries.

Make sure you have no more sweaty palms during training as our Boxing Gloves by Vector Sports have ventilated mesh design on the palm area which provides ideal breathability to keep your hands dry and reduce odor. Vector Sports Boxing Gloves have RAPID-EZ Velcro closure which provides secure fit and wrist support, enables to get the gloves on and off in seconds.

You can choose the size and colour of these training gloves, so you can match your style with quality and comfort. To choose the right size please use our general size guide below.

General Size Guide
8-10 oz gloves: Person under 45 kg 
10-12 oz gloves: Person between 45 - 56 kg
12-14 oz gloves: Person between 56 - 68 kg
14-16 oz gloves: Person between 68 - 82 kg
16 oz gloves: Person over 82 kg
Money Back Guarantee
We have such high level of confidence in our products that we offer money back guarantee. Nothing is more important to us than our customers’ satisfaction. If somehow you are not completely satisfied with the product, please return it in unused condition in 30 days and we will refund your money minus the postage cost we incurred. 
In case of an exchange, we will be happy to provide you with your desired size or product, however, buyer will have to pay for the postage.